Jelly Belly release new ‘Extreme Bean Boozled’ game

London, UK- The latest eating craze to sweep the web has taken the internet by storm, Jelly Belly’s ‘Bean Boozled’ game has garnered millions of views online after people decided to start posting videos of themselves eating the disgusting treats.

The relatively safe but also slightly disturbing selection currently consists of flavours such as ‘Stinky socks’ ‘Rotten Eggs’ and ‘Mouldy Cheese’ all of which have forced some pretty negative choking and heaving reactions from YouTubers alike.

This Christmas though, Jelly Belly have decided to up their anty and have created their “Most vile flavours yet”. Shaun Stokes spokesperson for Jelly Belly UK said “This new set of flavours aren’t for the faint hearted, we guarantee that at least once during each play you’ll vomit, and it’ll probably be projectile.”

Standing next to a smalls table with a sheet over it, Shaun finally uncovered his creations revealing 4 small beans that glistened under the light above.

First up we the have “Dead Body flavour, guaranteed to make you wretch, this bean tastes like a 6 day old rotting corpse. Don’t even think about asking us how we made this flavour pallet because we’re not even sure if its legal.” He continued “Next we have Sweetcorn and Shit flavour, for those thinking ‘Hmm corn’ its just a gimmick, it really doesn’t detract from the true foulness of this been.”

“The final two are Semen flavour, very very salty so bring another glass of water. We have also upgraded our Vomit flavour, now with added chunks of meat and veg, one whiff and it’ll make you heave.

Extreme Bean Boozled is available for December 1st at all good stockists.