Vegans to switch from an ‘In your face’ approach to a more ‘Subtle sabotage’

1414951947980_wps_2_epa04472121_peta_supporte LONDON- UK, A leading vegan group has urged its members to change tactics when discussing the topic with non-vegans. The Animal Network for Animal Support (ANAS) has sent out a leaflet to 10,000 of its followers with new guidelines on how to approach the subject. The leaflet calls on vegans not to be so “Shouty”, “In your face” and for them to tone down their “Moral superiority” and “Self-absorbed, pretentious nature”. Lead writer for ANAS, Karma Morningblossom says instead “Adopt the role of saboteur, if you live with a non-vegan, swap their battery farmed chicken for Quorn, swap their carcinogenic mince for myco-protein and swap their disgusting, fat-laden, hormone ridden Cows milk for Soya or Coconut.” She goes on to give tips to those that live in households, “If you’re one of the lucky few that has the privilege of living with fellow vegans. You may have to force yourself to go out and interact with meat-eaters, as hard as this may be, it WILL further our cause. My suggestions of sabotage to strangers would be to swap their clothing with garments that don’t contain animal corpses or release pet animals from their leads, you never know, their owners may end up eating them” She goes on to add, “DO NOT BREAK THE LAW” and “If you’re caught tell them you’re filming a social experiment for YouTube.”