Godzilla thought to be leading cause of Earthquakes in Japan

godzilla-9Tokyo, Japan- Researchers are convinced that the recent number of disproportionate earthquakes Japan receives are due to something more inconspicuous than just a dodgy fault line. Since the Fukushima Disaster in 2011 in which a nuclear power plant was partially destroyed by a tsunami, radiation has been leaking across Japans coastline and into deep into the Pacific ocean, causing wild mutations in the local wildlife. Enviromental Scientist and gaming enthusiast Yoko Homa said “We believe that the radiation has caused huge genetic changes in the local Godzilla populations, making them larger and stronger, even big enough to shake the ground as they move”. His research shows that during the 5 period since 2011 there have been nearly 200 “quakes” per year and many sightings of huge lizard like creatures swimming around the Japanese coast. “We think its another Godzilla, and she’s had babies. Their are lots of them.” He said. Godzilla was last spotted in Japan in late 1998, having caused a trail of destruction as he plundered his way under and over Tokyo. Although this Godzilla was eventually killed and desposed of, he did leave some eggs behind which Yoko says have now hatched. “There was almost no seismic activity between 1998 and 2011. But now the younglings have gotten bigger and are probably becoming involved in aggressive territorial disputes. Yoko isn’t sure his exactly to deal with Japans new juvenile delinquent and isnt sure if the government even has a contingency plan either. But he did offer some words of encouragement “I think they’ll just make  another movie.”