The Ultimate Super Commuter, Man flies in from Turkey to London for work, every day.

flights-airlines-ryanairboeing737-8as-620x300Instabul, Turkey- Mohammed Abdulla is a modern day superman, willing to travel the world over to do his job for a meagre wage, his daily commute of 8 hours gives him just enough time to fit in a 9 hour shift as well as a 6 hour sleep. The 40 year old who has gotten 26 consecutive employee of the month awards just for turning up said “I like to travel, I like to fly, in my country wages are not so good, I have been offer a job at a large law firm in Regents Park, a lawyer, I make money, lots of it.”  Mohammed makes 10 flights per week and rarely takes a day off, sometimes he even works extra shifts on a Saturday if he can pick them up. “London rents are very pricey, I costs me £15 each way with budget airline RyansAir if I book in advance, that’s less than an Uber” he said. Mohammed also mentions that although his menthod of travelling is cheap, its not the most comfortable and he’s often left sat next to some undesirable characters “Sometimes I fly back with the families and tourists, some of them are drunk and loud and smell of alcohol. But it works out better for the long run, in Turkey I am the 41st richest man in the entirey country, so that’s all that matters.”