Study predicts that by 2040, 75% of workplace bullying will be done by robots

THE idea of an automated workplace is nothing new, and the romantic notion of humanity sitting around idly, gaining weight and delving ever deeper into their vices whilst a robot sits at a desk cold calling others is has been floated about by economists for decades.

A new study has finally shed some light on what we can expect, and its not all positive.

Dr Brian Jackson from The London University said “We dont expect it all to be plain sailing. The automation of services will happen gradually, some people may well end up working side by side those of a non-organic nature.”

Dr Jackson predicts that when this happens, humans will eventually become a minority and then at risk of bullying, racism and discrimination.

“By 2040 its entirely possible that your children will walk into work surround by bots, who may see them as outsiders and probably wont like them very much.”

When asked why he said “Well it mainly depends on how their programmed, but if they’re programmed to learn, you can integrate them with all the nice thoughts in the world but they’ll still teach themselves to be assholes, its odd but its just how nature works.”

Dr Jackson admits he may be wrong and ‘as a black man’ hopes he is. “A year by year breakdown suggests that racist robots will peak around 2045, driving out humans from the workplace before turning and discriminating among themselves. There may even come a point in the far future where humanity is forced back into work so that robots can enjoy a life of leisure instead.”