Trumps wall set to become worlds largest billboard

donald_thumbs_upThe US/Mexico Border- Newly elected President of the United States Donald Trump is to make the building of ‘The Great Wall of America’ his “number one priority” he said in his inaugural speech at the Republican party conference today. After 30 minutes of nattering about China, China and China, he finally covered the much awaited topic in depth for the first time since his highly successful campaign trail back in November. “We’re going to build a wall, a great wall, probably the best wall. We’re going to make walls great again.” He said characteristically. “That walls not going to be just a wall, no, its going to be a billboard. I’ve spoken to President Enrique Peña Nieto who has agreed to advertise on his side, this is how we will make Mexico pay for the wall.” The room then exploded into a rapturous round of applause, in between covertly racist chants of “Build. The. Wall. Build. The. Wall” Trump continued “there will be adverts for tequila, ads for cactus’s and maids services, as well as feisty latina strippers, great latina strippers, I love latina strippers, nobody loves latina strippers more than me.” The GOP crowd continued to clap, one man was even given medical attention for a fractured wrist but was subsequently booed and beaten when he revealed he had Obamacare. Trump finished by telling the baying crowd what would appear on the American side of the wall, “A great advert for Trump, a 2000 mile long, 16 foot high Trump advert, every industry im involved in will have a section itll be worlds largest ever created and you’re absolutely gonna love it.”