God finally addresses Facebook ‘Like for Prayer’ campaigns

god_cutThe Heavens Above, Earth- A relatively recent trend in the history of the internet,  blogs are now becoming increasingly filled with so called ‘like for prayer campaigns’, usually bearing the headline ‘I like= 1 prayer’ users are asked to click the like or share button in the hope that somehow this will cure a dying child of cancer, bring someone out of intensive care, or help a puppy to grow a new pair of legs. This culture has been largely left unchecked after Facebook refused to curb these posts for fear of offending or alienating certain religious sections of its userbase. However they have now come to the attention of someone even higher up, God himself, who has finally spoken and addressed the issue at hand,  “Do you guys think I have time to read Facebook? I’m busy fighting the Devil, hes trying to cause alien invasions and shit!” He said angrily, continuing his rant, “I don’t use Facebook, I don’t even have a face, little Tyrone’s new wheelchair isn’t my first priority believe it or not. Neither is a new pair of arms for your cousin Sally. Like I said, I don’t use Facebook. I don’t read the prayers and I certainly don’t answer them, it almost seems to me as if the people that are creating these things are doing it to get the attention for themselves. Big respect to my fellow Jew Zuckerburg though, you made it big time boi. I think he’s even richer than I am now.”