London borough Council mends pothole in just 7 years

potholes_2479329bCamden, London- The internet was mesmerised earlier this week by the ridiculously fast repair of a 30 metre wide sinkhole in Tokyo, Japan. Just 48 hours after the ground opened up- thankfully without any injuries, the 20 metre deep hole in the road was filled in, painted over, and back in use. The residents of Tokyo were also given an apology saying “Sorry for the inconvenience.” Just when the world thought it was only the Japanese that could repair their infrastructure in rapid time, a lowly borough council from the suburbs of London threw its hat into the ring. Camden Council, one of the forefathers of beurocracy, leaked a story about how it too managed to fill a pothole, in just 7 years. It is thought that the 4 inch deep and 8 inch wide hole was first complained about in 2009 and has since then become the subject of over 1000 complaints, which is apparently the threshold in which councils are then supposed to act. The offending pothole, which is thought to be responsible for around 10,000 insurance claims, was finally filled in during July. Although authorities have been tight lipped about their endeavour, not wanting to to be seen as “bragging” it was the japanese authorities that finally made them want to speak out. Not wanting to be out done, Councillor Roy Jobsworth said “We’re extremely pleased with the speed in which the pothole was filled, we’re the fastest council in London for repairs, usually these take around 15 years at best, there’s a lot of red tape you see, we even had to send out 3 men with a harness and a ladder just in case one of them fell down it.”