Bottom’s Eddie Hitler becomes new leader of UKIP

js83314544Yorkshire, England- The North West England MEP Paul Nuttal, otherwise known as Eddie Hitler from his stint in the hilarious slapstick comedy series ‘Bottom” has been elected UKIP’s leader today, sworn in with a clear majority of 9,622 votes, against 2,973. In his debut acceptance speech Paul promised to bring back all of his antics from ‘the good old days.’ He said, “Bottom was a special part of my life, playing Eddie Hitler was just amazing, and to be given the name Hitler too, what an honour.” Paul played Eddie for two series of the show which included him, breaking his legs, setting himself on fire and even trying to defraud the tax man by forging his own cash, something he says he will continue to draw inspiration from during his time in office. “Of course I’ll use my previous Bottom experience during my tenure as UKIP Leader, I’m drawing up my Bottom related policies right now, peadophiles will have their legs broken and then thrown down a flight of stairs, i’ll continue to take tax payers money for doing very little and we’re going to steal gas from our neighbours and encourage everyone to go on holiday to Doncaster.” Paul also confirmed that his friend Spudgun- known for his tricks with potatoes, will be in charge of agriculture. Dave Hedgehog- known for his ‘tricks’ with a live hedghog, will be in charge of the environment and animal welfare and legendary mobster and chief forgerer ” Skullcrusher” Henderson will become Chancellor of the Exchequer. One anonymous source said, “This goon cant run a country. Look what happened when he ran his neighbours shop.”