In Review: The grand tour- May reads books and Clarkson Fights ISIS

tour-xxlarge_transa7n2cxnjwnyi3tcbvbgu9zpwc13dmzcndjvaluv1jiaAmazon Primes eagerly awaited title has finally landed and it doesnt dissapoint, IN:Review editor Lou Sassole gives his opinion,

After having paid over £1 Billion for Clarkson, Hammond and Mays services, Amazon was essentially banking on their new show The Grand Tour, would work out, and it has. Named and written entirely by Clarkson inbetween breaks of punching producers in the face and eating steak, he has created a masterpeice, in there first ever online episode the trio compete with one another to who can cross the mediterrean sea in a selection of 1990 modeled 4×4’s, from spain striaght through to Italy. As you can imagine, nothing goes smoothly in when these three are involved, May almost drowns after neglecting his dithering car boat and instead reading a book, Hammond is almost eaten by a shark after being mistaken for a fish and Clarkson ends up on the shores of Morroco in Northern Africa. Upon landing and eventually being joined by the other two, Clarkson has another unscripted idea for a challenge, Operation Refugee, the first one to reach to Syria and run across a battlefield wins. After salvaging their own vehicles and armouring them up, they set sail for Syria, visiting various religous crack pots and insulting the local culture on the way. Arriving at the border they are advised not to cross, but they do anyway and as they do, May reveals and gives out 3 crochet helmets he’d knitted on the way. Upon crossing the border they are immediately fired upon, sending the trio scarpering back.

The Grand Tour is an exciting prospect with great potential, Clarkson and Co become more like the cast of Jackass every series.