Teen Youtuber dismayed after his mother reacts to his ‘playing dead’ prank by going to the pub to celebrate

maxresdefaultWembley, London- It was supposed to be a funny prank, but one mothers reaction to her child’s attention seeking went far and beyond her usual motherly duties. 15 year old Jack Swan otherwise known by his YouTube channel as ‘JackPranks’ had set up a dastardly plan for his 2 million followers on the social video sharing platform, he had bought two tubes of fake blood and squirted them over his face and body, taken a 8 inch long kitchen knife from the draw downstairs and placed it in his hand, than positioned himself so meticulously than when his church going mother came in, she’d have the shock of her life. Except things didn’t go quite to plan for JackPranks, who tearfully vlogged about the incident afterwards. His video went viral after it turned out his mother mistook his playing dead shenaningans for real, and instead of phoning for an ambulance or shedding a sea load of tears, she went to the pub to celebrate. A tearful Jack told his followers ‘I pulled a prank on my mom yesterday, I faked a murder scene and played dead, when she came home she didn’t scream or cry. She picked up her phone and rang her friend Julie, told her she was glad I was dead and asked her if she wanted to go out for a drink down the local pub. I carried on the prank and finally got up when she’d gone I cried my eyes out and I have no idea what to do. So much for those stupid social experiments.’ Jacks followers expressed both angry and delight as his stupid stunt with one unimpressed user saying, ‘Well it serves you right for crying wolf you ginger shit.’.