Lib Dems declare themselves a ‘Major force’ in politics after going from 8 seats to 9

gnfhymfxhmvg-jpg-galleryPictured: On the left, newly elected MP for Richmond Park Sarah Olney posing for a picture some guy from the pub. On the right, Ex MP Zack Goldsmith

Richmond, London- The Liberal Democrats are now the “Main oppostion party” in government according to newly elected MP for Richmond Sarah Olney.

The Libe Dem MP, who one by 1800 votes to the Independent Zack Goldsmith said “This victory is our door to Parliament opening wider than ever before, we now have 9 Members of Parliament, 9! We are now the major opposition party within government.”

The Lib Dems, who lost almost 50 seats and were demolished at the 2016 election, are said to be ecstatic at the win.

Sarah Olney who has the honour of being the only current serving female MP for her party said “I campaigned on the issue of anti-Brexit and anti-Heathrow, this by-election is a clear sign that Britain just doesn’t want these things and now that we’re relevant again we have a mandate to campaign against them.”

Zack Goldsmith declined to comment tonight but local resident Gary Jacobs was happy to talk, “I don’t know who she is and I don’t know what she was campaigning for, I just voted for her because I was intimidated by her eyebrows.”