Scientists discover parallel universe full of lost TV remotes

smart-tv-vs-media-streamerSomewhere, A Parallel Universe- The words, “Where has it gone? I left it right there, im going to miss EastEnders.” are familiar with just about anyone who owns a TV. Frantically searching for the lost set of buttons has almost become a ritualistic behaviour before sitting down to binge watch the latest programme in a series on Netflix.

However one scientist Greg Halls from the University of Hull has figured where those pesky remotes finally end up. “We’ve discovered a parallel universe made up entirely of TV remotes.” He said with a degree of smugness.

As part of an experiment the researchers used the Large Hadron Collidor situated on the Swiss-French border to smash atoms together, eventually revealing a large wormhole which they duly travelled through.

“We weren’t looking for remotes, we just sort of stumbled upon them. We’ve opened up the main gate but we think there are little remote sized entrances to this universe situated down the back of every living room couch, this is what gives it access to our world.”

Although he has finally found out where the lost remotes end up, Greg and his team aren’t entirely sure why they end up there. “There are literally hundreds of millions of these things, just piled up, some of them organised into neat piles, they’re almost statue-esque in nature. It could just be natural phenomenon or it could be something a little more sinister.”

Greg has since closed the wormhole in part concern of what may come of out of it, but mostly because he needs a remote to use the Large Hadron Collidor.

He also gave tips on how to avoid lost remotes interrupting valuable tele time, “Always plan your TV watching 10 minutes in advance so you have an adequate amount of time to search, and always check down the back of the sofa first.”