Black man gets to work and back without being stopped by police

successful-black-man-smilingCroydon, South London- In a feel good story that is probably the first of its kind, a black man has gotten all the way to work, and back, without being stopped or harassed by the local police force.

45 year old City banker and local black man Jerome Pearson was “Confused but happy” at not being stopped in public.

Wearing a suit and tie covered by double breasted jacket, a well spoken Jerome said “Im a law abiding citizen and although I dont have a criminal record I usually get stopped at least once a day, If not on the way, then on the way back from work. I get a lot of hassle from the bobbies around here even though its pretty clear by my appearance that I’m not up to no good.”

Jerome continued with a smile “Its nice you know, now I know what it feels like to be white. Its great. I do wonder why they didn’t pick me up today, was it their day off, are they on strike or something?”

Sargent John McDonald, who beats Croydon regularly- and is white- was furious at not being able to intercept Jerome on his way home. “We meant to pick him up but a called came through and we bloody missed him. We’ve only stopped him twice this week and we’ve got bloody quotas to fill.”

Jerome may have gotten an unlikely does of white privilege today, bit it doesn’t look like its going to last. “He wears a smart coat and looks all trim but we know he’s up to something. We’re monitoring him closely and we’ll stop him again tomorrow.”