‘Severe dirsuption’ to rail network after 2 inch twig found on track

article-2556600-0661f1bd00000514-766_634x363Leicester, UK- There was chaos and severe disruption on the UK rail service tonight as a twig was found lying across a rail around 2 miles north of Leicester station.

“When we saw it we immediatley pulled the panic alarm.” said James Flag, a worker for National Rail.

The track running through Leicester is the busiest in the country, it serves London all the way to Leeds, so any issue is likely to cause considerable disruption to millions of people across the country.

A breathless and visibly disturbed James continued, “About 9AM we were out searching for leaves on the track but we came across this, its so lucky we saw it, there could’ve been a disaster.”

The offending twig, said do be laying across one of the rails in a sprawling motion, was around 2 inches long and and half an inch wide.  It was still there 7 hours later at 4PM, rail staff are said to be “Considering their options” after initially being unsure of what to do with it.

Chief Track Supervisor Ahmed Abdul said “This is a very serious incident and should not be taken lightly. We apologise to all those affected today but they need to understand, there was a twig on the track.” He continued, “We’re looking at getting a crane, but that may take a while as the only place that has them for a peice of waste this size are all the way up in Glasgow, Scotland.”

As for James, he is now the local hero, there are talks of a promotion and even a parade in his name, “He’s probably saved at least a million lives.” his supervisor says, “We’ve sent him home early for the day as a reward for his excellent work.”