New landfill site to provide 1000’s of jobs for local seagull community

seagullBournemouth, England- Billed as the perfect place for a new landfill ‘A dump within a dump.’ was the quote from one councillor who was obviously looking for a new job, the new 1000 acre Bells Street landfill site has finally opened today, providing job opportunities for all.

As well as 200 jobs for local humans, Bells Street has employed over 2000 seagulls to work at the site.

Sanjeev Amir, head of operations and recruitment at the new site said “This is a great opportunity, there have recently been divisions in Bournemouth and the local seagull population has taken a lot of flak. Its great for community relations.

News reports in the city indicate that a ‘higher number than usual’ amount of Gulls have flocked to the town, leaving behind mess and stealing food, especially chips and ice cream.

Local Seagull, Stephen said, “Those outsiders have migrated from other parts of the country and are giving us Gulls a bad name. My flock has lived here for two generations and have been working members of the community, I’m a litter picker myself.”

“I’ve been offered a place at the new landfill site, picking out the food waste and disposing of it, it will be great working alongside humans, hopefully once we get to know each other their attitude towards us will change.

One Bourmemouth UKIP councillor however wasn’t so happy at the new jobs being taken by Gulls, he said “They come over here and they take our jobs, and start frightening the local bird population whilst their at it.”