Lump of dog shit wins 2016 Turner Prize


The aptly named sculpture, ‘The existential retraction and reduction of expulsion related items.’

Tate Modern- Its one of the most coveted art awards in the entire world, annually propelling the obscure world of abstract art back into the limelight, it was once famously won by Damien Hirst and his project ‘Drowned Shark in Formaldehyde’

Other previous winners include Jack and Dinos Chapmans ‘Suck off’ sculpture, which feature two blow up dolls performing a sex act on an inflatable mattress. Pictured Below.


And Anthea Hamiltons gargantuan sculputer of a giant butt cheek, simply labelled ‘Arse’.



This year however, was even more special and outlandish than the rest, with the winner being a good old dollop of dog turd.

“I was just walking my dog in the park one day, i sat down to do a little drawing.” Said Helen Martin, Winner of the 2016 Turner Prize. “I do this odd thing with my hands where I try to mold my surroundings. I was looking at the skyline trying to shape in when this other dog crossed my vision, somewhat in the distance. It was a Great Dane and I knew they did massive poos but I could see this one from at least 20 metres away.”

At this point Helen stopped molding, captivated by the massive dog and its excrement, she stood up and approached the animal- which seemed to be on its own.

“I tugged my dog Lily and we ran, I looked down and new it was the one, it was the perfect shit, such a lovely shade of brown, shimmery, and hardly and smell whatsoever.”

Helen’s vision has guaranteed her a prize of £25,000 payout from the Tate Modern as reward for her amazing piece of art.