Study finds that sharing memes is more addictive than heroin

13269423_289575114711420_1442863468_nThe Internet- The wildly unexpected results of a study has taken the science world by storm today, as one peice of research concludes that Memes are officially more addictive than pure heroin.

Doctor Jeffry Andrews from the University of Cambridge said “The results are amazing, we have certain part of population that sit at their computer and share these things all day. Theyre addicted, they get a buzz, they’re essentially shooting up.”

Memes are a relatively new cultural addition, appearing around the turn of the century portrayed as Lolcats and Rickrolling, they have made their way across the internet and even into space.

“Our study was done on a group of 18-35 year olds. We monitored their online activity for 2 weeks and then tallied up their meme count.” Jeffrey said.

“After that we pulled the volunteers in to a lab and showed them all kinds of memes, then gave them the option to share. A huge 95% of those that viewed the memes wanted to share at least one of them.” Dr Andrews said with a smile.

“But the most interesting part was this, the next day we bought the volunteers back in and did the exact same thing, except we removed the share button from the screen. The results were remarkable.”

Dr Jeffreys didn’t disclose too much about what happened when the share button was taken away, but what he did say was, “Their actions were similar to those of a drug addict, shaking, sweating, clammy skin and the occasional episode of psychosis.”