Restaurant creates new ‘Bleach Cocktail’ to compliment its ‘Quadrupal Bypass Burger’ challenge

f301d063-8e9a-4212-b815-3c74c887a9ceNew York- US,  The Chewy Balls restaurant which is arguably most famous for its policy of hiring staff that weigh at least 300 pounds, but is also well known for its incredibly calorific food challenges.  The restaurants special ‘challenges’ menu pits a human test subject against a meal with a minimum of 9500 calories- and that’s just the starter. Some examples include, The Double Bypass Burger, The Triple Bypass Burger and The Ultimate Quadruple Bypass Burger, the largest which contains a 4 pound beef patty sat in a 2 pound gravy soaked bun, topped with 800 grams of Swiss chess, 700 grams of pulled pork, 8 rashers of bacon and 2 deep fried Mars Bars. Chewy Balls said, “Our food challenges are possibly the largest in the Eastern States, our policy is that if you don’t leave in an ambulance or with diabetes at least, well give you your meal for free.” he continued, “People are willing to put their bodies through immense stress by eating huge amounts of food so why not wash it down with our brand new cocktail?” The ‘Bleach Bath’ and its available for 4 weeks only. Atticus Brax of Fine Alcoholic Beverage magazine describes it “The premium bleach goes well with the hand picket rat poison pellets after the first initial gulp, the burn is closely followed by the acidic sweet tang of anti-freeze and the sudden rush of lemon flavoured washing up liquid.” He adds, “If you’ll excuse me, i now need to visit the hospital.”

The Chewy Balls can be found on 1st and 5th Avenue, Butt Street. The first 30 customers through the door will receive a FREE ‘Bleach Bath’ cocktail with every order from the chains ‘Challenge Menu.