Britain’s Brexit plan, Theresa May reveals she’s going to ‘Wing it’

Houses of Parliament, London-The conservative governments Brexit plans finally seem to be coming to fruition today after Therasa May told reporters that they were just going to ‘Wing it.’

A decision that is surely to affect millions in Britain and millions more worldwide, its seen as probably the largest verdict the UK has ever had to make. And now it will be left until the last moment. Authorised by comments such as ‘Yeah, why not.’

When asked on her plan by one oddly excited reporter, Theresa said with a chuckle, “We don’t really have one lol. I thought that was fairly obvious by now?”

“We were originally going to do something about it. But then we realised there are like 100 articles and they’re all about 1000 pages long and to be honest, we couldn’t be arsed. I mean, could you be arsed either?”

The reporter sat in a stunned silence, seemingly not knowing how to reply.

“I didn’t think so. From today I announce that there will be absolutely no Brexit talk from this cabinet until September 2018. We’ll do it on the day and hope for the best.”

Jean Claude Juncker, President of the EU and crusher of Brexiteers said “This is absolutely great news for us because we’re going to wing it too. When the British government comes to us in 2 years time no one will have a plan, forcing them to remain in the EU forever.”

Juncker then let out a comically evil laugh which scared our reporter into leaving the room.