Polite Brit refuses to ask the person sat in his reserved seat to move

5120638782_1899efaebcEast Coast Mainline, England- “No one will ever know I’m seat E15.” Tim said to himself as he stood from afar, watching the man sat in his resevation.

An a staggering 75% of Brits would have done the same according to a statistics company that’s about as much use as a modern day pollster.

“I’m just travelling down to London for work.” Said Tim. “I got on the train and headed for my reserved seat but there was a guy sat in it.”

Although paying good money and beating the daily melee for seats by deciding to booking online, Tim wasnt overly concerned at losing out.

“I’ll just stand the whole journey he said. Its only an hour, I need to stretch my legs anyway. He’s probably got some sort of physical condition, I bet he needs the seat more than I do.”

The man sat in Tims seat Pablo Gomez, a Spanish national, said “The seats are only reserved to and from certain stations, you can sit in them during those periods. Tim can have his seat back but there are lots of other empty ones around the carriage.”

“Oh no, I cant sit next to another person on the train, us Brits don’t like that, we need our own space and its so awkward when someone comes and sots next to you.” Tim said.

“This one time a man sat next to me and blocked me in. I was too polite to ask them to move so I missed my stop and ended up 45 miles away in Liverpool when they finally got off.