Obama to retire as Antichrist when he leaves office

Washington DC, USA- Conspiracy theorists the world over have celebrated by partying today after President Barack Obama announced he will be stepping down as Antichrist when he hands over his presidency to Donald Trump in early 2017.

In a report commisoned by the Oval office in conjunction with Hells office for the Overworld ,Barack told the reporters he was no longer able to fully fulfil the role of Satan’s representive on Earth because he would rather adopt a leisurely lifestyle.

Barack said, “Its been a good 8 years, according to many I’ve done the Devils work for him, that’s not necessarily true but some people will believe whatever they want.”

“Some believe I am the Antichrist, well not anymore, I’ve handed in my resignation to the Devil and I’m retiring from the position and I’m off to get pissed and play a shit ton of golf.”

Davey Crike, author and editor of ObamaAntichrist.com said he feels ‘vindicated’ that Obama has been oouted as a spawn of Satan.

“They didn’t believe us but we knew it was true.” He said. “You all laughed at our low budget YouTube conspiracy videos but we were right all along. No longer will people be able to call me a tinhat and crazy either.”

Obamas resignation has since sparked huge interest on who will become the next Antichrist.

“The Devil needs his work done on Earth.” Said Obama convincingly. “The position is now open to new applicants.”

Obamas comments have sent the internet into a frenzy, with many people speculating on who will get the job.

“I think it will be Donald Trump.” Said one user.

Whilst another was convinced it would be passed on to Justin Bieber.