Brief panic as man suddenly remembers something slightly awkward he did in 2005

Rotherham, England- A sticky bead of sweat drips steadily down the of his head, his hands are clammy and sticky and are tough to grip with, his breathing is fast and shallow and his heart is beating through his chest at twice its normal pace.

Ian Pearson, is having a mild anxiety attack. “Its just came on si suddenly.” He said, struggling to get his breath. “I was just sitting, thinking the past and it hit me like a train.”

This isn’t a new scenario to Ian, he’s well aware that delving into his past made lead him to remembering some potentially awkward situations he created years and years ago.

“I was just minding my own business when all of a sudden I thought about a conversation I had with someone back in 2005. We spoke and when it was time to leave we both said goodbye, what I didn’t know though was that we were leaving in the same direction. We ended up walking for 50 metres side by side.”

“Yesterday i panicked after i recalled another time. Back in 2009, I was walking down a corridor and there was a women walking behind me, I held the door for her as I walked past but she was too far away. I hesitated and then let go and closed the door in her face. Hold on now I’m panicking.”

Ian lifted up a brown bag and took several deep breaths before attempting to continue, “I just don’t know what to do or why I keep thinking of these memories.” He said.