Average computer user now only has to remember 1587644 passwords

The Internet- Back in the good old days of computing, logging on to a website was a pretty simple affair. With cybercrime being almost nonexistent, the internet was a relatively nice place filled with ClipArt, Lolcats and a Google that genuinely wasn’t evil.

But at the turn of the century things started to change, and now 16 years later we still have Lolcats but some of them have a nore malicious nature.

Professor of Computing at Cambridge University Richard Davies in England has been researching internet trends almost since the thing was invented, and he’s now come to a startling conclusion after a straw poll of his revealed some suprising results.

“Did you know that in the year 1999 the most popular password was ‘1234’ followed swiftly by ‘password’?” He asked, readjusting his glasses. “Passwords were simple back then because nobody wanted them. But now, its completely different. You’ve gotta remember your first job, your bloody first pets name and your dogs uncles brothers wives panty size.”

Professor Davies poll revealed that the average internet user had to remember had to remember nearly 16,000,000 different passwords for their accounts.

With the advent of minimum charachters, caps locks, symbols, numbers and satanic rituals, coupled with monthly prompts to change a warning from every site not to use the same password for different accounts, its becoming increasingly harder for the user to remember what their password actually is.

“Its a massive problem.” Said Davies, “People are being left locked out of their accounts wandering if they have dementia or something.”