Saudis mistake Boris Johnson for a woman

IN another gaff made by the perpetually blundering buffoon Boris Johnson, Bojo has left the Saudia Arabians reeling in anger over recent comments regarding the countries stance over its warring neighbours in the Middle East.

Mr Johnsons, who was speaking at the Med2 confernce in Rome last week, aimed his latests remarks at the Saudis for committing a “Proxy War” in Syria aswell as ‘Abusing the religion of Islam.’ He also pointed out the hypocrisy of the UK for selling weapons to a state with a dire human rights record.

This has understandly annoyed Saudi Arabia, but they’re aren’t angered at The Foreign Secretarys comments, they’re angered because they think hes a girl.

“We will not be put on a pedestal and lambasted by a woman.” Said Abba all Alim, Saudi Arabia’s foreign affairs correspondent.

He continued, wagginging his finger rapidly in true Middle Eastern fashion. “We have our culture and women do not criticise the state of Saudi Arabia, they obey their husbands and keep their mouths shut. This blonde woman Boris needs to be taught a lesson. I suggest 20 lashes for speaking out against us and almightly God.’

“I have requested to talk to the highest ranking male official in the British government. I suggest they reign in Miss Johnsons role as Foreign Secretary as she obviously should be at home cleaning, cooking and making sex for her husband.”

Boris replied in typical fashion, thanking the Saudis for mistaking his “Profusley gross and malfourned masculinity for abstemious delicate feminality.”

Downing Street refused to comment but did say Boris had been given a “Slap to the back of the head.”