Trump announces Americas first annual purge

THE world is in shock today after president elect Donald Trumps announcement that one of his first acts in office will be to hold Americas first annual purge.

The purge, loosely based on the 2013 film of a similar name, will making anything and everything legal, giving Americans 24 hours to do as they please, including theft, assault and murder.

Mr Trump has said the purge will start the night commencing the 21st of January, just one day after he becomes president, and that he will also be taking part in it himself.

Speaking from a podium outside Trump Tower in New York, he said “The purge will start from 00:00 on the 21/1/17, and there will be no emergency services during this time. I’m giving you over two months to prepare, if you do not wish to take part in the purge, either make arrangements to leave the country or bolt down your homes an make tyek impenetrable.”

After being initial greeted by boos of his opponents and hus own supporters, the crowd were easily swayed after Trump announced his own involved in the purge.

“Yes I’ll be taking part too. Im going after Hillary and Obama too if he hasn’t fled back to Kenya. Trust me, I’m good at purges, we’re going to do the best purge the world has ever seen, nobody does purges better than me.”

Trump is convinced his purge will go ahead. After the rally ended, construction workers began building a thick steel wall along the boundaries of Trump Tower.