Mystery as road worker spotted at side of motorway

THERE are over 2700 miles of motorway in Britain and even though 90% of it is under construction at one time, there isn’t a single road engineer or maintenance worker to do any of the work.

That was until yesterday when a member of the public passing through a construction zone spotted one.

Jed Barker was travelling in his Vauxhall Astra at the time “I was on the way down the M1 to London.” He said. I had just passed junction 18 in Northampton and had go to the point where the average 50 mile an hour speed check starts and I saw something really strange.”

What Jed saw shocked him to the core. “I nearly crashed into the central reservation I was so taken a back. There he was in his hi-vis jacket, cargo pants and yellow hard hat. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.”

Jed’s first hand witness account isn’t the first, but verifiable sightings of the legendary maintenance workers are few and far between, seemingly so rare people don’t believe that they even exist at all.

“I’ve never seen one before.” Jed continued, “I mean, the cameras go up and they’re there for a year or two until the ‘construction finishes’ by when they leave it looks exactly the same.”

We spoke to the local authority as well as the Ministry of Transport who both denied Jed’s account of what he saw. It a joint statement they said “We can throughouly discredit Jed’s statement as nothing more than a hoax, seeing road workers actually working is just the same as seeing a UFO, there is no proof that either of them exist.”