Couple compromise by leaving the toilet seat half way up

happy-coupleBristol, England- One lucky couple have come up with an ingenious solution to one of the most fiercely debated bathroom related questions of all time.

Should I put the toilet seat down?

And their answer is no. Well kind of. James Peach and Anna Rose have-like most couples- fought over the placement of the toilet seat.

“When we started living together James would leave the seat up all of the time” said Anna. “He’d even go for a shit and pop up the seat afterwards, just to annoy me.”

James laughed. “I did do that.” He said. “But she’d always leave it down, now unless I was treating myself to a sit down wee, which is only for special occasions, I’d have to touch the dirty seat.”

“So I came up with the perfect solution.” Interrupted Anna. “I mean we.”

“When Anna said the word ‘compromise’ I thought here we go again. A ‘compromise’ its just something she wants to do. But it was a good idea.”

After trialling the alternative toilet seat placement, the couple admit they’re a lot happier now the leave the toilet seat lingering in the middle and would recommended it to others having the same issue.

“I would say we don’t argue about it anymore, which is good.” Said James.

“No, now we have a lot more time to argue about other things instead.”