ISIS vow to shoot down Santa as he passes over the Middle East

CHILDREN in the Middle East may have to go without presents this year as Santa has urged to avoid the area after a terrorist threat.

Islamic State, have issued several warnings that they will use surface to air missiles to take down Santa’s sleigh should he enter any territory they hold.

Abdul al-alim, ISIS spokesperson and local jihadi said, “We have declared jihad on Santa, we do not want that kuffar bastard Saint Nick over here, he represents the Devils Christianity and if we see him or his reindeers we will kill him dead.”

It is thought that the call to arms against Santas was first issued by a Saudi Arabia Ayatollah, concerned as the effect Santa was having on Muslim children in his country, ISIS have since copied the call and declared their own fatwa against the jolly old fat man.

It seems that Abdul and ISIS are not only concerned with Santa’s influence, but also his means of travel and how he manages to go about it.

“Not only is he anti-Muslim, he also practises witchcraft, flying around the world in a magic sleigh with flying reindeer, he is a threat to us.”

We spoke to Santa who said he was given advice to change routes by Lapland government officials but wasn’t “Overly concerend.” about the potential terror threat.

“I’ve been doing this job for hundreds of years.” He said with a hoh ho ho. “My sleigh is too fast, but as a precaution we have fitted flares just in case anything gets near me.”