Scientists confirm ‘Clear Link’ between vaping and homosexuality

Manchester, UK- One of the latest inventions in the world of drug abuse has “conclusively” been linked to an increase in homosexual behaviour, an extensive study has shown.

‘Vaping’ or ‘E-Cigs (Exploding Cigarettes)’ as they’re known, are electronic cigarettes that emit large amounts of nicotine but very little amounts of tar and Co2, there has been little research into their supposed health benefits but some people do believe that they help quit smoking cigarettes.

One scientists extensive study of 456 male vapers believes to have discovered “hard evidence” that most vapors are gay. Lead researcher Professor James Maxwell said “Vaping has considerable health implications, especially regarding the sexuality of its users.

Professor Maxwell studied hundreds of straight male volunteers and their sexual behaviour for 60 days, 30 days before and another 30 days after they started to vape. They were all required to thoroughly document their sexual activity, from light kissing all the way up to intercourse. And according to him they showed a considerable difference in their sexual needs.

“We found that over 95% of those that had never engaged in homosexual behaviour before, started to engage after they started vaping.” He said, smoking a cigar. “Those that vaped more throughout the day were more adventurous with their sexuality. Effectively, the more they vaped, the gayer they got.”

Professor Maxwell was keen to stress that just because someone who vapes engages in homosexuality activity, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it has turned them gay. “We understand that the hardest part of vaping is telling your parents that youre gay, but we do believe that the 95% of those new vapers may already be gay but are yet to come out of the closet.”