New anti poaching strategy sees African Rhinos armed with guns

KENYAS unique approach to stopped poaching has drawn criticism from animal rights groups today after its latest press release reveal it had started to heavily arm its local Rhino population.

The Rhinos, situated deep in the 45 mile squared Nairobi National Park are thought to have been given the guns in secret around 3 months ago and have been protecting themselves ever since.

“We haven’t had to do much.” Armed guard and anti-paocher Abassi Chiku said as he leant on the butt of his AK47.

“Since we gave them the guns the only bodies we’re pulling out of the reserve are poachers.”

The 459 Rhinos left in the reserve have been armed with a Kalashnikov rifles and enough ammunition to fend of a small army.

Abassi said, “It was a good move. We were losing Rhinos at the rate of 1 per week until this was introduced. We’ve since had a few babies born which have obviously been armed too.”

The Rhinos were trained to use the weapons by the Kenyan National Guard as well as the Nation Reserve protectorate of which Abassi Chiku is part of.

“They’re a great shot, the gun kind of mounts on top of the head and sits just about the horns, when they want to fire they drop their neck and a bullet comes out.”

Chiku says that the scheem has been brilliant so far, but does worry what will happen if all of the poachers are killed or flee.

“Its great and all, but if those Rhinos are killing all of the poachers, if there’s no poachers I’ll lose my job. What am I to do then.”