Skinny jeans replace being kicked in the balls as the number 1 reason for male infertility

London, England- One of the latest clothing trends in the past few years has been that of skinny jeans. The act of sticking jeans so tight to the legs and groin area that  its almost considered a form of torture, and now it’s negative effects have show.

Male fertility rates have decreased by almost 20% of UK males and is especially prominent in those under the age of 25. Some experts even estimate it mate be as high as 40% in these age groups.

“The problem is the jeans.” Said Doctor Khan, GP. “They’re so tight that they’re cutting of circulation to the testes.” He lifted his hand and made a scrunching motion, “I’ve had patients in here that had those issues, they couldn’t even get their jeans off for me to have a look.”

The previous champion of causing infertility was literally ‘being kicked in the balls.’ According to a scientific journal on sex and reproduction.

“Kicks to the bollox are generally quite catastrophic to the testicles.” It reads. “However skinny jeans are now worse at causing problems, but most of the time this is painless leaving the young men completely unaware that their swimmers have become immobile.

Doctor Ahmed felt the need to issue a warning about skinny jeans and so offered some advice for those than still wish to run the risk of wearing them.

“Just wear normal jeans” he said, any trousers than make you walk like you shit your pants should be thrown away. The same goes with the jeans that make you look stupid, which is essentially every pair of skinny jeans ever made.”