Man Infuriates girlfriend after saying ‘OK’ during argument

Norwich, England- One couples romantic night out took a sour turn tonight after an argument broke out over a Christmas present, and the nonchalant boyfriend disgracefully said the word “OK”.

John Broomes and Stacey Neil were originally stenciled in for a date night which included an Italian, bowling and then a drink at a local cocktail bar. But midway through the night, things took a wrong turn.

“We were talking about Christmas presents.” Said John, reluctantly. “I originally told her that I wanted a tank for tropical fish, bit I’ve since changed my mind because I travel a lot and they won’t get the full attention they need.”

John broke the news to Stacey over a candle lit dinner.

“We were eating spaghetti and I told her I’d like a different present. She didn’t react well but it wasn’t bad. She did say some odd stuff like ‘Why are you telling me just now, I haven’t got time or the money to buy you anything else.’ Even though there was 3 weeks until Christmas and fish tanks are really expensive.”

“I couldn’t be arsed to argue.” Said John with a sigh. “So I just said ‘OK'”.

What John should have known is that the words OK a girlfriend are like a red rag to a bull.

“She pounced on it and went a bit mental. She accused me of trying to not to argue. And that I was only saying OK because I wanted her to shut up.’

The couple left the restaurant abruptly after making a scene. Stacey refused to comment in depth, but did add ” You cant just say OK when we’re arguing and hope that I’ll stop. You aren’t going to get out of it that easy.”