Scientists reveal dinosaurs died out in ancient world war

IT seems almost incomprehensible, for years scientists have told the masses that the Dinosaurs were a rather plucky set of species, easily adapting to their environment and thriving for millions of years until they come to an abrupt halt at the mercy of a massive fireball sent from the depths of space.

Well it seems their evolution was halted by a huge fireball, but it wasn’t from space, it originated right here on Earth.

But Dr John Stein professor of palaeontology at the University College London has discovered new fossil evidence that completely rewrites the notion that the Dinosaurs were just primitive lizards with brains the size of a pea.

“Our evidence suggests that the cataclysmic event that made the dinosaurs extinct was actually Dinosaur made rather than originating from outer space.”

“There was huge war including multiple factions.” Professor Stein said, almost jumping from his seat, “From our fossil records we can tell that the T-Rexs and Spinosauraus joined forces to fight the Triceratops and Brachiosaurus.”It would’ve been immense.”

Mr Stein confirmed that the war waged in for hundreds of gears before ending with a dinosaur Holocaust.

“One if them set off a huge weapon. Thousands of times larger than anything we have detonated in recent times. It would’ve been a suicide mission, its most likely that one side was losing badly so selfishly decided to kill everything involved.”

Currently it isn’t known how or why this Ancient World War even started. But what is known is that those dinosaurs involved have passed on a hundred million year old lesson to anyone thinking a nuclear war today wouldn’t result in the complete annihilation of our Human race.