Cats now being sold with complementary stab proof vests

A SMART pet shop owner has taken steps to reduce the number of serious animal related injuries this Christmas by selling its kittens and cats with complimentary stab proof vests.

Jimmys Pet Supplies in the South of London has come up with the ingenious way to prevent the return of its cats after Christmas aswell preventing unnecessary hospital visits over the Xmas period.

Jimmy McMann, owner of the shop said “We get a lot of returns after Christmas, people tend to buy kittens thinking they’re cute and cuddly, not knowing that they’re actually more like little Lions.”

“Originally we were going to give away chain mail armour, The vests are stab proof up to 3 inches so you’re pretty good for just about every domestic cat as well some larger feline species.” Said Jimmy.

Domestic cats were first taken on as a means of pest control around 10,000 years ago, however they have since become not so loyal companions to those that own them. They can also spread lethal diseases such as Cat Scratch Disease and Toxoplasmosis.

“We regularly get returns from people who are genuinely shocked at the amount of scratches and cuts they receive from owning them. Especially after our busiest period, Christmas.”

One owner who adopted “A miniature lion” last year, thinks that Jimmy’s giveaway is a great idea. Lee Smart said ‘ We adopted a kitten last year but immediately had problems, our children were covered in scratches and when they got back to school after the holidays we were reported to social services because they thought we were doing it to them ourselves.”