Trump announces plan to build Death Star

PRESIDENT elect Donald Trump has today has announced his plans to militarise space today by building the worlds first Death Star.

The plan was originally leaked by a White House official, forcing The Donald as he is affectionately known by millions of adoring fans, to call a press conference confirming his intentions to actively participate in space warfare.

The Death Star, modeled on the fictional moon sized spaceship from George Lucas’ classic Star Wars will be a 1:1 replica of the villainous craft.

Standing around 400 kilometers wide it will be so large that it will develop its own gravitational field. It will be manned by around 1.5 million Americans, from both civil and military organisations.

Donald Trump said at the conference, “This Death Star will be so large that it can destroy China in one blast, that’s right, one blast.”

At first it was thought that a Trump presidency would see a fall in US military expenditure, however construction of a Death Star of this size will take trillions of dollars to design and build.

“We’re going to build a huge ship and we’re going to make China pay for it. Just like our wall and Mexico. Don’t you worry they’re going to pay for it.” Said Trump triumphantly.

It was not immediately clear how or even why China would pay for a Death Star, however Trump is convinced that this is the only way the USA can secure its territory and sovereignty amid rising tensions between the two superpowers. Therefore blaming the Chinese for his countries expenditure.