Spider charged after blocking CCTV camera during million pound bank heist

A SPIDER today has found itself the unlikely centre of attention after being arrested and subsequently charged with perverting the course of justice.

Incy Wincey, resident of Camera 5, Barkers Jewellers, Safety Deposit Vault, has been remanded until further notice after the courts decided he was too much of a flight risk to be released on bail.

The incident unfolded just under 48 hours ago when 3 hooded and armed raiders broke into Barker’s jewellers at 1 AM GMT, the outlines of the robbers were captured on CCTV but their faces were obscured by Incy as he sat over the lenses of Camera 5 inside the Jewelers Vault.

The men were able to steal some 1 million pounds worth of loot before fleeing into the night. The shop was found ransacked by an employee around 7 hours later, it is thought the alarm system had been previously tampered with.

As for Incys connection, local police Officer and lead detective for the case Simon Ball said “We believe the suspect spider was involved in the heist.”

“We have reviewed CCTV footage which clearly shows Mr Wincey clamber across the lens as the robbers move into the room.”

“And the alarm system, we have investigated and found a number of webs on the inside, we will be conducting DNA tests on the subject to determine their origin.”

If found guilty, Mr Wincey could be given a maximum sentence of 25 years, but will be given the option of a plea bargain in which the courts offer him a reduced sentence for naming his accomplices.