Foxes to take part in Boxing Day baby hunt

BRITAINS FOXES will take to the cities in their droves tonight, aiming to bag themselves a child in the annual human baby hunt.

For the 416th Boxing Day in a row, the native Fox population will scour the streets of the UK, searching for partially opened doors or cat flaps that may give them a way into a human household.

Despite a 2011 government ban on baby hunting in order to protect ‘Human rights’, despite being labelled by some as ‘Morbid’ and ‘Cruel’ the tradition remains strong throughout the Fox community, known for their cunning behavior, the event is planned anonymously and dispersed through a top down system, allowing many Foxes that are caught to be let off scot free.

The annual baby hunt was thought to have originated in retaliation for the first human fox hunt, although similar in nature, only around 2 babies are taken a year by Foxes, compared to thousands of Fox cubs taken by Humans.

One Fox, who we’re naming Filbert in order to protect in anonymity, said “This event is tradition, despite a government crackdown, we will continue to avenge our slain Fox brothers by hunting human babies.”

“We will be taking to horse back as soon as the sunsets, searching for any children we can find.”

Some local councils have put up notices urging parents to be weary of the Fox plans, however most aren’t taking the threat seriously, instead urging homeowners to keep their houses secure die to the rise in burglaries during the festive season.