‘Trannysaurus Rex’ find becomes worlds first LGBT dinosaur

A NEW dinosaur species discovered over the weekend has rocked the science world today after scientists claim that it was the first LGBT animal to inhabit the Earth.

Pushing back the boundaries of LGBT by some 150 million years, it has become the oldest known species to consciously change the gender it was born with.

The ‘Trannysaurus’ as it has been named, existed during the Jurassic Period, bumping shoulders – and probably uglies- with the heavily plated Stegosaurus and the huge Brachiosaurus, as well as many other types of ignorant gender assuming dinos.

The scientist that made that found the fossils of the LGBT dinosaur, buried under 50 metres of limestone granite at quarry in Northwest England, Jamie Glass said “We’re very excited about this! Its the first non-binary being we’ve ever found. This means that the Earth has almost always had gat animals.”

“We think the reptile was very similar in appearance to other dinosaurs, it stood around 40 foot tall and was probably rainbow coloured.”

“However its behavior was at odds with the rest of dinosaur society, we believe it was very promiscuous, possibly interbreeding with other species, basically anything it could get its hands on. It also fashioned clothing from tree leaves and had very outgoing personality, I mean, they would have all known it was LGBT.”

Stonewall activist and prominent LGBT non-binary Jordan Hail said “We welcome the discovery of LGBT dinosaur and can probably relate to their struggle. These Lizards were probably discriminated and misgendered on a daily basis, its tough being on the opposite end of the Gender spectrum, especially when you’re the minority in society.”