Calais Jungle named 8th wonder of the world

FRANCES Calais Jungle has been posthumously awarded the title of ‘8th Wonder if the World.’

In an obscure bid to boost tourism in France, the French President François Holland had lobbied UNESCO for a number of years before they finally decided to give the Jungle its new status.

Sitting on the same list as the worldy treasures  such as the Great Pyramid if Giza, the Collosus of Rhodes and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, UNICEFS announcement is expected to bring millions of extra visitors flooding to the French port of Calais.

The camp was home to some 2000 economic migrants and refugees, mainly of Middle Eastern origin. And although the camp was recently demolished, the foundations still remain, recent pictures show the iconic blue tarpaulin sheets stray across the compound, as well as white plastic bags of rubbish that have been blown around by the wind.

Simon Chung, Director of UNICEF said, “This is a great addition to the Wonders of the World list, people will look at this camp and wonder how ever fucking happened.”

“The vibrant blue colours, the desolation, the fusty smell that still lingers and the rubbish that floats in the wind. They all add to the imagination of what it was like to live here.”

The Jungle is the first Wonder to be added to the list since its inception, although France is happy about its addition, some countries such as North Korea and Germany are said to be “Livid” after having their camps -Slave labour and Concentration, respectively-omitted from the list.