Trump plans ‘Zombie army’ after watching The Walking Dead

DONALD TRUMP has made another announcement regarding his presidential aims today, and this one may be his most ambitious yet.

After recently calling press conferences about his plans to hold an annual Purgenegotiate with the climate directly, build a live size Death Star and create the worlds largest billboard, his new idea was conceived last night after a late showing of AMC’s hit zombie series ‘The Walking Dead.’

In the freezing cold outside of New York’s now infamous Trump Tower, The Donald -as he’s affectionately known by some- called an impromptu press conference, explaining his latest scheme.

He said, “We’re going to build a zombie army. That’s right Zombies. You heard it here first folks. Zombies.”

Trump continued, “I was watching TV last night, I saw this great series ‘The Walking Dead’. Its a great series, made here in America. And I thought to myself, ‘Why dont I just take these zombies and use them as weapons?'”

“The military budget is slacking, we need some American creativity, apparently Russia has begun to weaponise a new deadly type of squid found in the Antarctic, we need to effectively combat this.”

As usual with President elect Trump he was tight lipped regarding the details of his plan, but sources close to him say he will offer AMC ‘A few billion dollars’ for the zombies they use on the show. However it is unclear whether or not he knows they are just actors.

As the conference came to a close, Donald Trump added one more detail “We currently looking for someone else who will pay for this. It’ll most likely be Russia.”