UK to become ‘Strong independent black woman’ after Brexit

BRITAIN has nothing to fear of the recent vote on cancelling its EU membership according to Prime Minster Theresa May, who assured the country today that once it leaves it will ‘become as strong as an independent black woman’.

With quotes such as ‘No she di’int’ and ‘ayy gurlll’ expected to echo throughout the European Unions parliamentary chambers, Britain’s independent future looks bright, and a little sassy.

Snapping her fingers and moving her head side to side Mrs May gave a conference on her post European expectations, “The country will be strong.” She said.

“We will be a strong independent black woman, we won’t take no shit from no man and we’ll encourage those around us to do the same. We need to let the rest if the European states know that they can make it on their own.”

The EU, who definitely isn’t a strong independent black woman said “We are concerned about the amount of finger clicking and neck movement coming out of the UK at the moment. The sassyness of the strong independent black woman will make negotiations between the two states a lot harder.”

We spoke to one strong independent black woman from Croydon in South London who said, “Mmm girl, preach it. We don’t need EU see what I there YOU we don’t NEED YOU, we fine on our own O-KAY. I got my own finances sorted, I got the kids, I work two jarbs, ain’t no EU coming in here and taking things away from ME. Hell no.”