Alien tea party forgets to pack away giant spoon

SCIENTISTS on Earth were brimming with excitement this morning after UFO hunters scouring recently released NASA photographs of Mars, annouced their finding of a half buried ‘Giant Spoon’ on the rusty planets surface.

The picture -shown above- clearly shows the remnants of an alien tea party that was once hosted on Mars.

Professor Conor Wang of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was extremely excited by the find, he said “This is amazing, its clearly a sign that there was life on the Red Planet.”

He continued ecstatically “The spoon looks as if it is made of some sort of metallic alloy, possibly stainless steel.”

The giant spoon isn’t the first sign of life to be found on Mars, recently scientists have discovered an alien shaped rock, a face buried in sand and a straight tracks that seem to indicate they were built by sentient lifeforms.

Without asking, Professor Wang continued his rant on Mars’ alien life forms “They were probably giants, the gravity on Mars is less as its a smaller Planet, this would allow beings to become much larger in stature. Water was once abundant on Mars so there is reason to believe organic life was too.”

“I think they were obviously holding some sort of tea party and they have forgotten to pack away one of their spoons. When the probe flies back around we’re going to have another in depth look at the photographs and continue to take images from the surrounding area. We’ll see if we can pick out any more cutlery shapes buried beneath the surface.”