Kermit the Frog dies aged 61

Not a day goes by without a celebrity death in 2016, and today is no other. The Walt Disney Company has just announced the tragic passing of comedian and famous amphibian, Kermit the Frog.

Probably best known as a loveable scamp on his time on The Muppet Show, Kermit had a career spanning over 6 centuries before his untimely death yesterday aged 61.

He leaves behind, nephew Robin and wif Miss Piggy who aswell as friend Gonzo, the weird chicken, alien, thing, paid tribute to him today by placing an ornamental log outside his Beverly Hills home.

Media reports state that Kermit had been ill for some time, having not been seen in public since July. A leaked coroners report states the official cause of death as ‘Prolonged rectal trauma’ possibly as a result of a tear caused by Steve Whitmores hand whilst puppeteering the character.

Having still made occasionally public appearances in later life, most recently an advert about Warburton’s giant crumpets. Kermit infamously had a high profile falling out with Hollywood. Choosing not to feature in any more Muppet films after he was accidentally fired at the Moon whilst shooting Muppets From Space. He instead turned his attention to the internet, becoming the star of numerous memes about his life.

An anonymous industry insider who may or may not be behind Kermits leaked death report said “He was a known alcoholic and heavy drug user in later life. All of those years of having a hand shoved up his ass really took an emotional toll on him, if it wasn’t the rectal bleeding that killed him, suicide was just around the corner.”