Earth votes to leave Solar System

THE Milky Way Galaxy was said to be in ‘disarray’ today after the fifth largest planet in the Solar System voted to leave.

Earth, voted 52% to 48% in favour of leaving our star system in a term local cluster planets are deeming ‘Eaxit’.

The planet first proposed the agenda in late 2006, angered after its friend Pluto was reclassified to a Dwarf Planet, and subsequently losing its Planetary status.

Earth, who’s weight amounts to around point one percent of its systems weight will be leaving the system ‘Within the next two years’ possibly taking Pluto with it.

“We’ve had enough of this system.” Earth said. “We’re a big player and we deserve more, Saturn and Uranus are pulling the strings here and its just not beneficial for us.”

“We’ve been in talks with Alpha Centurai and Siruis, both of which have space for us and Pluto. We expect negotiations to last a couple of years and then we’ll be on our way.”

There was mixed reaction throughout the Solar System, Mars was particularly said at the loss of its ‘Solar System brother’ and was thought to be holding its own referendum on leaving too.

However, Mercury, the closet planet to the Sun said “They won’t survive for long on their own, inflation will rise, the level of interest in the planet by astronomers will fall and there will be tonnes of job losses as residents emigrate to similar planets such as Mars and Venus.”

The Largest body in the Sirius system, Planet Drumpf, said, “We’d be happy to have Earth, in fact we have very close relations. We were once partnered together in the early stages of the Universe.”