Living celebrities to be given medals for surviving 2016

THE YEAR 2016 has probably been the most eventful year so far this century, revered by some but hated by many, almost everyone in the world has been affected by some sort of major event, especially those famous few among us, the celebrities.

It hasn’t been a great year for celebrities, dying at twice the rate of regular folk, young and old popping their cloggs like a druggy popping pills.

But to ensure their hard work and service of not dying hasnt gone unnoticed this year, the government has announced a new award for those famous faces that manage to survive 2016.

The new ‘Cross of Survival’ medal will be given to those that have survived and who have spent more that 150 cumulative hours on the face of British media this year, the government has used this benchmark to determine the status of ‘celebrity’.

The medals will be etched early 2017 to avoid any disappointment, and will be given out in February by The Queen -if she is still alive- along side honours such as Knighthoods, Damehoods and Members of the British Empire.

We asked the government to comment on the new medal, one official who wont be getting a medla himself said “Its been a dire year for those that entertainment us. So many have been taken away, some people feel there is an injustice in those that are dying and for that we would like to recognise those that have survived the year.”

We also contacted several C list celebrities who have somehow gained enough hours on our TV screens to be given an award.

James Sutton from Channel 4’s most unpopular show, Hollyoaks said “Its great that peoople have noticed I’m still alive. I can’t wait to meet the Queen.”