WhatsApp ticks to turn blue only after government has read message

REPORTS from the British government reveal some disturbing news this afternoon after a deal was brokered between them and communications giant WhatsApp.

WhatsApp, which has over 1 billion members world wide, is said to have provisionally agreed terms allowing the monitoring of their network by government agencies.

The app was the last bastion of encrypted information in the UK after the Conservative government recently rolled out the Draft Communications Bill 2016, charismatically nicknamed ‘The Snoopers Charter’ which gives unfettered access to private data by a plethora of agencies.

The intimate details of the deal between the two giants are still under wraps, however one part which has been announce will see WhatsApp lose its encrypted status.

Aswell as this, whenever a message is sent between two parties, it will only turn blue once it has been read or scanned  by at least one overseeing government agency, most likely MI5 or special branch police.

Users of the App will need to download an update agreeing to the new terms and conditions or be forced to delete it all together.

A WhatsApp spokesperson said “There are some changes to our terms and but this shouldn’t adversely effect our user base. We don’t believe there is anything wrong with a little government spying, especially under the guisebof counted terrorism.”

We also asked a Whitehall official to comment on the report, he said, “This is essential for national security and could save many many lives. This has absolutely nothing to do with us being nosey or trying to be Big Brother.”