Teen dies from new ‘Chokie Challenge’ craze

THE internet has been awash with ‘Challenge’ videos these past couple of years, some awkward, some strange and some slightly dangerous. But the latest trend to take social media by storm, the ‘Chokie Challenge’ has even been deadly.

The craze, which follows in the footsteps of others such as ‘Planking’ the ‘ALS Ice Bucket Challenge’ and more recently the ‘Mannequin Challenge’ has been circulating in small groups on social media since July, but has recently seen a huge surge in its popularity.

However, yesterday its virality took a tragic turn when one teen accidentally killed himself whilst attempting the challenge which consists of the participant essentially choking themselves with their own hand until they pass out.

Blake Gudjonhson an 18 year old college glad from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma had been dared to participate in the challenge by friend and former college room mate Chad Chaddington after previously performing the act on himself.

Blake, who had an IQ similar to that of a ham sandwich, gleefully took up Chads offer, using two hands to choke himself until he passes out, the incident -which was recording on video- took a turn for the worse when Blake fell and hit his head causing him to fracture his skull.

Blake’s distraught parents were the first to find his body before promptly reported it to the police.

Local Sheriff Don Osmund said “At first we were convinced this was a sex game gone wrong, but after viewing the footage we realised this was just a tragic accident. We urge those thinking of taking part in the Chokie Challenge not too, things are going to get very awkward if you die and everyone thinks you’ve been playing weird ass sex games.”