Entrance to parallel universe found in Donald Trumps head

epa05287600 Businessman and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gestures as he speaks at a campaign rally at the Century Center in South Bend, Indiana, USA, 02 May 2016. Indiana voters go to the polls for the winner take all Indiana primary election on 03 May. EPA/TANNEN MAURY


SCIENTISTS have reported the dicovery of the first parallel universe known to mankind, and the entrance is inside Donald Trumps head.

Dr Joe Chin of Massachusetts Institute of Technology was searching for other universes using the Universities Hadron Collider when his experiment started to display some very odd results.

“The results were striking.” He said, pushing up his glasses. “We found what looked like the first traces of a parallel universe on Earth.”

Doctor Chin and his team of 21 fellow scientists began to delve a bit deeper into the origins of the hole, it was then that they found something even more interesting.

“We did further tests using our collider to determine the location of the entrance, which happens to be inside Donald Trumps brain. The only indication of what’s inside the universe is through Donald Trumps mouth, and it seems to be a load of crap.”

The scientific community were ‘semi-shocked’ at the revelation, one prominent professor in the science community questioned why The Donald is ‘special’ enough to have is very own wormhole but also said ‘This would explain all of the stupid shit he keeps saying.’

We asked President- elect Trump for comment, he completely denied the accusations and any existence of the wormhole and blamed the China for funding the research behind them.

He said, “Look my brain isn’t the entrance to some sort of crazy man universe, this was funded by China to undermine by presidency by making me out to be a witch. Like I said, there is no wormhole in my head, however if there was, I can assure you I built it better than anyone.”