Vegan group urges Lions to give up eating meat

AN ONLINE vegan pressure group has decided to target Africa in its latest public newsletter, this time urging Lions and Lionesses worldwide to ‘Give up meat’.

As part of its New Year New Me January initiative, the group which is aplty named IMVEGAN! has decided to branch outside of its usual demographic and instead reach out to those of a more feline nature.

The newsletter, written by chief editor and loon Honey Winterblossom says “As part of our new years resolutions we would like people and and animals alike to give up on eating all meat. As people aren’t really listening to our crazy ramblings, we’ve decided to target Lions instead.”

“Lions come second in a list of all animals on Earth when it comes to meat consumption, and we’re desperate to do something about it.”

“All we ask from the king of the jungle is for you to stop eating cute antelope and start eating nutritious African vegetables instead, you can live a long, healthy life and you’ll get to eat every single day. No more fasting between kills.”

How Honey and her crew are going communicate with the Lions and their prides is yet to be seen, however a source close to her has revealed plans for an upcoming visit to central Africa by the group.

One local reservist who didn’t want to be named for fear of reprisals said “These people are incredibly dumb. A lion is a carnivore and they can not survive on crappy vegetables, they just couldn’t sustain themselves.”